Revised Budget

670px-Slice-an-Apple-Step-2“Attached are the revised cost centers and town assessments. The board voted to cut $217,000 last night reducing the General Fund budget to $9,553,947 and Adult Education to $50,011. This reflects a total increase of 2.28%. The cuts were as follows:

  • Regular instruction salaries $57,500 (hiring savings and contract settlement)
  • After School Program $20,000
  • Special Ed salaries/benefits and contracts $32,500
  • Paving $10,000
  • Roof repairs $90,000
  • Contingency/nutrition transfer $7,000

The district budget meeting will be held Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at Katahdin High School at 7:00 pm.

Revised Budget


4 responses to “Revised Budget

  1. WOW!! So, cut regular instruction salaries and special education salaries….way to give the people who are teaching our children a reason to stay and the teachers we need a reason to come to work for the RSU. Well thought out!!! I personally hate to see the after school program dwindle away, some children can’t wait until the end of the day to go to that instead of going home to be alone, to people who could care less if they are there, or out walking the streets. My children never had to face any of these problems at home but from personal experience the program helped my household just by simply having the extra help with their homework and social time with their peers.(FYI, my children no longer utilize the program so no gain for me). Paving, good cut! A couple of problem areas on Katahdin side, one area at elementary and one area at kmhs. Avoid them, I have never seen or heard of anyone damaging a vehicle because of them and if so you are going to fast! Roof repairs, well, isn’t this one of the big problems for both sides? Don’t really know what to say, this should be self explanatory! Nutrition transfer, can’t comment on this because I am not sure what exactly it means. Why is it we still aren’t considering administration salary cuts? I would like to know how much of the budget is for that alone!! Sorry to ramble, but I feel better voicing my OPINIONS on this whether some see them as wrong or right.


    • Oh, please don’t apologize! It is just this sort of window onto the mindset of community members like yourself that is so instructive and valuable!

      The Board knows full well how badly the community wants to cut administration — but they adamantly refuse, even as our ED279 shows administration is WAY over EPS. …a statement of values if ever there was one. Save the tough negotiations for teachers; the professionals who make it all happen, but lavish six-figures on the Superintendent without a thought. …even when his more experienced and skilled colleagues draw far less for greater responsibilities!

      Again. The Board is determined to shield administration, and even inflate its budget. It cannot be persuaded. The buck stops with the community, though, and “…what you allow is what will continue…” Let’s see on the 29th what people like yourself will “allow”:)


  2. Cut Administration and get rid of the Superintendent. Heire a new one at 1/2 those cost. Maybe a truthful one.


    • ….and instead of asking, “What do you know about building a new school?”, as him/her, “What do you know about running small, rural schools effectively in terms of cost and quality?”


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