RSU #50 Budget Vote – Yes = 128 No = 533

RockwellBelow, please find the Computation and Declaration of Votes for the RSU #50 Budget Validation Referendum held June 17, 2014, as issued:

 RSU #50 Computation and Declaration of Votes



3 responses to “RSU #50 Budget Vote – Yes = 128 No = 533

  1. This was a clear no confidence vote for the Superintendent and the Board. This is not a cut teachers vote! This is stop spending too much money on foolish programs, training, IPads, subs, after school program, travel, etc. why not look at how small schools can educate cheaper but have an effective education, like the Christian school. Get back to what works, get rid of the Standards and the fads that just make guinea pigs out of our kids. Now will they actually start listening to us?!


    • Mark my words, they WILL try and punish the communities for this budget rejection by cutting what we hold most dear; what matters most to kids, IF you allow it.

      Our readers see small schools shine in other communities, and want exactly what you describe. The reason they do not pursue this, is because they want ALL the money the people of Sherman, Patten, Stacyville and Mt. Chase raise in Dyer Brook or Crystal. …state money too, for renovations/new construction to accommodate our children.

      Make no mistake, I agree wholeheartedly with the vote. I’m simply saying it isn’t going to be enough to make them listen to you, and they are going to hit back hard.

      …time to MAKE them listen to you.

      BTW, that “vote of no confidence”? Great idea! Count me in…


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