Public Forum! 6:00 Tonight, June 3rd at KES

SoapBoxFrom the “Cougar News”… (with Timbered Classrooms footnote)

“The RSU #50 Board of Directors approved the creation of a future task force committee with the purpose of “Building a vision for the future of education in the RSU. The task force has been working in collaboration with the RSU Board to facilitate the development of a vision, mission, and belief statements for the RSU and to obtain baseline data that represents current trends, statistics, and projections that will inform and guide the board and community to decisions about the future educational opportunities for the students of RSU #50 The task force has used the data collected and began to analyze various school configuration possibilities* in the RSU. The task force has looked at opportunities and challenges that each possible configuration presents. The RSU 50 Futures Task Force Committee will be conducting a community meeting on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. in the Katahdin Elementary School cafeteria. The purpose of this meeting is to attain community input on the various scenarios being presented and to entertain other possible scenarios that may have merit. Public will be provided with an overview of information that has been gathered, participate in group discussion, and hear next steps in the process. We encourage community participation in this process.”

*Read: building closures


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