“Food for Thought” Served Up By A Reader…

A reader recently floated an idea in the comments section, and backed it up with solid research from the University of Maine.  Whatever your views, we need more of this sort of thinking!  Many thanks to our featured reader and to others I hope will follow with other innovative ideas to optimize opportunity for kids with the resources at hand.


Skier1996 | May 30, 2014 at 12:56 pm | Reply | Edit
If we are really looking to save money, why don’t we work on implementing a four day school week. That is 35 whole days in a year in which the building would not have to be heated, lunch would not have to be served, lights would not have to be on, a janitor would not have to clean, and buses wouldn’t have to run. These are just a few ways in which it would save. This would save our district a lot of money annually and it would not require consolidation. Plus that would be better for students and staff. Just some food for thought. http://www2.umaine.edu/mepri/sites/default/files/CEPARE%20Brief%20on%20the%204-day%20school%20week%202.10.pdf


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