Maine Schools Get More Time To Comply With Proficiency Based Standards via MPBN


Listen to the full MPBN segment:  Maine Schools Given More Time To Implement Standards-Based Education


8 responses to “Maine Schools Get More Time To Comply With Proficiency Based Standards via MPBN

  1. Too bad the freshman were guinea pigs for this nonsense. This year.


    • To shortchange a young person for a year is to shortchange them forever. They won’t get this year back.

      If we want them to have what they deserve, We will have to fight for it. This administration has a disincentive to create an optimal learning environment at Katahdin, and every reason to do the opposite to make it appear “inviable”. This process, called, “fiscal asphyxiation” happens all the time when schools are targeted for closure.

      The Board is committed to blind obedience to the Superintendent here, so it’s down to parents to demand a more child-centered agenda.

      Board members who believe that it is all for the best in the “long run” need to be reminded that childhood is neither “long” nor “runny”.


  2. This infuriates me as a freshman parent. Our principal has been asked many times why KHS had to start with the standards based teaching this year as we all knew they were not ready and schools were told that it was not mandated for this year! She informed parents that KHS was a pilot program for standards – I should hope that no school system would follow this pilot! Another response from her was, “Well, we had to start it some time.” Now the year for standards based diplomas is 2020!!!! These kids will be in college by then, if they make it. Why is this not being addressed by our board? There have been so many concerns with this system this year and administration acts like everything is so wonderful – it’s not!! I think we should demand that this freshman class return to the old system until the implementation of standards is securely in place! Eighth grade parents need to be concerned!


    • Amen! I cannot believe how idiotic this is! You would think administration would be embarrassed by this.


    • Though not ready to call anyone a liar, I can’t seem to verify the claim that KHS is a “pilot school”. According to this article in the Kennebec Journal, 6 “pilot schools” were listed as follows: RSU 2, RSU 18, Jackman-based RSU 82, Gray-based RSU 15, Waterboro-based RSU 57 and the Milford School District. The State contracted with the “Re-inventing Schools Coalition” (RISC), as did a number of maine schools. I don’t see Katahdin listed anywhere….. But, as “RISC” is a “…division of Marzano Research Laboratory..”, that is probably a good thing.

      I’m not ready to judge until I know more, but perhaps you can shed some light.


  3. Not sure if the pilot is official or if it is what Eryn Schmidt has told parents for whatever reason – but she has used “pilot program” several times in parent meetings?


    • “Pilot program” is a very specific, and yes, “official” designation. Either Katahdin is or us not. I haven’t been able to find any such designation for Katahdin, but if I have simply missed something I will happily stand corrected.


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