Cougar News Update, Including Maine DOE Report Card Analysis


“…Mrs. Marquis and I had a successful evening with parents of 8th graders. We talked with parents and students about what to expect in high school along with the many changes for the class of 2018. One change will be for freshman to have math and English every day, so their class choices are at a minimum. Sorry Freshman🙂 “… ~KMHS Principal Eryn Schmidt

So, “minimal class choices” are “successful” when served up with a smiley face emoticon…. …even if it did only show up in its current form after I cut and pasted the colon/parenthesis into WordPress…. Why?

And so ends this “Monday Moment of Sarcasm”.  We now return to our regularly scheduled programming, with the “Cougar News” May 19th edition:

 Cougar News May 19




4 responses to “Cougar News Update, Including Maine DOE Report Card Analysis

  1. ” The state report cards are out again. Grades 7 and 8 were issued an F due to low
    proficiency and not enough growth. And the 11th grade was issues a D for the same
    reasons. This is just a snapshot of our students and how we are doing based solely on
    standardized test scores. This is just a score and is not a measure of who we are. We
    are a dedicated staff and we work very hard to help students be successful. Let’s take
    the information from our score and use it to make improvements. Our staff has grit and
    we will work as hard tomorrow as we do today to improve student achievement. ”

    Can you say excuses? Any student who goes to this school would tell you that a grading of a D is generous of the state. I think it is so HORRIBLE that I would think a new category (below an F) should be issued just for our school. THIS IS A POOR EXCUSE! You can’t hide the truth Mrs Schmidt..


    • The State grading system is so narrowly focused; the reasons many parents and community members would issue an “F” were not measured by the DOE.

      Of course we have a dedicated staff! No one blames the teachers, surely. It’s the methodical divestment by the leadership. To all students: do the best you can; learn all you can. We are doing our best to stop that.


  2. You are absolutely right. But they will continue to lie and make people think things are good. How about being real about why the upcoming freshman will have no choices in classes and today’s freshman and other students have been shortchanged. You want to give people the excuse that we can’t offer them this or that but if we send them to SAcS they will have more opportunities. Bull! You should be ashamed sending out a 42 page report card to freshman! Start thinking outside the box. How about AP courses and online Courses.


    • They will continue to lie — but no one will really believe “things are good”.

      Around the state, strapped school administrators are working tirelessly, writing grants, re-arranging schedules, optimizing teachers’ time and seeking out online opportunity; utilizing Tanberg… …the list goes on. What a contrast to the downright flippant and certainly callous addition of a “smiley face” to a dire problem for kids they COULD fix.

      Could they offer more; a richer curriculum? …more choices? Absolutely! There is more educational expertise among our readers than there is around that Board Table on meeting night. They see the waste, and know where the money is. But what incentive do they have? They are hoping that the unacceptably sparse offerings will “force” people to shutter that school, send money and resources to SACS!

      It takes an enrollment increase of 100% to realize a 17% increase in offerings — and that does NOT account for the increased costs of transportation, building renovations and the interests of strapped taxpayers who are waiting to claim savings that will never materialize.


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