Should our taxes pay for arts education in school? | Rethinking Education

…a wonderful, timely reminder of what real, child-centered priorities look like by Kathreen Harrison!



“…In this world that seems to incline more and more toward standardization we should remember the benefits of project-based learning and artistic expression and we should remember that school subjects are best learned intertwined. The old labels of ‘core subjects’ and ‘specials’ are outdated. A complete education demands the benefits of all disciplines, academic and otherwise.

And when we work with children – and this is key to facilitating successful learning – a sense of joy should permeate the process – the kind of joy that usually accompanies artistic enterprise. All too often today the schoolroom feels like a workhouse, as attention focuses heavily on scores and data and school report cards.

Children want to learn. They are learning machines! Think of the enormous tasks they accomplish during their first years of life – how to walk, how to understand what others mean when they make sounds,  and finally how to talk themselves. Why do they do it?  The desire to learn is inborn in us. We need to be sure our schools keep that desire to learn alive.”

via Should our taxes pay for arts education in school? | Rethinking Education.

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