Report Cards Deserve an “F”

And now, but some thoughtful and astute perspective on the Maine DOE’s education report cards


images-1Yesterday schools in our state (Maine) were given their grades by our department of education.  Under our current governor’s administration, a brilliant idea was cooked up to grade our schools on an A to F system.  According to our DOE website.  “All parents and community members deserve to understand how well their children’s schools are performing and what is being done to improve them.”  So all of the intense work, strategic planning, collaboration, intervention and effort of a school gets boiled down to one alphabetic symbol to represent some of the most complex work you can imagine. For most parents and community members their understanding of grades will overshadow any and all explanations of the process or analysis of the data.  A=good, everything else =not good enough.  For the staff who dedicate their lives to the children in their buildings, it minimizes and devalues effort, persistence, and commitment…

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