Public Forum on the Future – June 3rd


“..The RSU 50 Futures Task Force Committee will be conducting a community meeting on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. in the Katahdin Elementary School cafeteria.  The purpose of this meeting is to attain community input on the various scenarios being presented and to entertain other possible scenarios that may have merit.  Public will be provided with an overview of information that has been gathered, participate in group discussion and hear next steps in the process.  We encourage community participation in this process.”

Read the original announcement from RSU #50 here:  Futures Task Force Forum

Editor’s note:  I share the concerns of our readers surrounding the last public forum; the tightly controlled format that did not permit attendees the time or space for statements that reflect their views outside of the writing prompts and the failure of the committee to answer  written questions in real time.  …or at all to date.  (Of course, if any of you HAVE, indeed, received responses to questions submitted at that time, please, share them here.)  That said, I would encourage our readers to attend, and work toward solutions to this, and to the matters at hand, especially potential school closure.  Many thanks to our readers for your interest and advocacy.


3 responses to “Public Forum on the Future – June 3rd

  1. I was in attendance at the last public meeting of the Visions/Task Force. The public was not give the opportunity to ask questions. We were given an “exit ticket” questionnaire/comment sheet as we left. I am sure that many people asked questions and commented on the sheet, but I know that I have never been offered answers. Too much time was spent and wasted on small group discussions and we shared with our groups how we “felt” and how education was for us and is now, etc…………. $20,000 is a lot of money to spend from a tight budget without any real information to share with the public who is basically footing the bill! Let’s hope that more people attend this meeting on June 3, and that we are prepared to ask questions and receive some answers on the future education of our kids.


    • Thank you very much for sharing your impression of the last FTF “Public Forum”. You are certainly not alone! Others have told me the same, and very much want a more open-ended, public-directed platform next go ’round.

      Committee leaders have every incentive to avoid such a thing, as their course was set long before the FTF formed. I hope you and others will refuse to allow that.

      $20,000 is a great deal of money, yes, especially for things, that the Superintendent is paid handsomely to do — like reconfigure the district to suit those who gave him the mandate to close Katahdin. Kids are being shortchanged to boot.

      There are wonderful teachers in our district, and a great deal of potential if resources are refocused on the classroom. Here is an opportunity for the community to set a new course to that end.


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    The potential decision to close schools and bus children is a serious one, and the impacts ripple through not only our communities today, but in the future. Our readers strongly support several scenarios, dismissed by the committee while other, more costly schemes remain on the table. I hope our readers, who have articulated their views so eloquently here, will do so at this forum.


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