MDOE Report Cards…

bart-simpson-FThe Maine Department of Education has issued another round of school report cards.  Aware of the legitimate concerns and controversy surrounding the practice Timbered Classrooms offers them, sans comment (for now!  We want to hear from you…)

Below, please find a screenshot of RSU #50, and a link to the full report:

Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 9.06.09 PM


MDOE School Report Cards

Here is a link to the Bangor Daily News article that brought the report cards to our attention:

“…Educators say the system is a better measure of school poverty levels than the effectiveness of a school.

“The formula disproportionately penalized communities with high levels of free and reduced lunch students,” said Bangor School Department Superintendent Betsy Webb on Wednesday.

A study by the Maine Education Policy Research Institute at the University of Southern Maine that was released in January backed that assertion.

“The level of poverty in a school is the single best predictor of average student performance,” the study states.

As a result, the report cards this year include the percentage of students who qualify for free and reduced lunch at each school. However, that information was not factored into the letter grades.

Also new this year is information on school funding, average daily attendance rates and school and district contact information.

David Silvernail, director of the Maine Education Policy Research Institute and author of the report, said the changes add needed texture to the report cards and are a step in the right direction….”



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