Budget Meeting Tonight! …6:30 @SACS



An RSU #50 budget workshop will be held tonight at 6:30 pm at SACS.  Now is the time to help shape a budget that reflects the values of your community as well as yourself.

“Timbered Classrooms” readers want to hear from you; your thoughts and observations on this year’s budget process and priorities.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Have a good day!


8 responses to “Budget Meeting Tonight! …6:30 @SACS

  1. What will happen at the budget meeting, spend, spend, spend! Stop spending taxpayers money irresponsibly. Our kids are not getting the quality education they deserve, because you are too busy spending money on useless programs.


    • Exactly.

      Worse, they are shielding the wasteful spending from any cuts at all, and the budget format obscures it.

      When your Board is more distant from kids, your money goes that way as well. Administration and management tends to grow in number and salary…

      “Centralized bureaucracies do not shrink — ever; they grow.”

      You desperately need two school boards, here.

      Did you go to the meeting? We would love to hear your take.


  2. We need to encourage parents and taxpayers to come out for the budget meetings with support as they did last year. Malone and his supporters are continuing on the same path as last year – cutting the budget in places that will have a negative effect on our kids and adding positions and salary increases at the administrative level. It doesn’t seem right that he can come into this district and do as he pleases with our board actually supporting him in his foolishness. I so hate politics and I guess that is exactly what is going on………………Any suggestions?


    • You nailed it. He CAN’T “..come into this district and do as he pleases…” unless the Board, and the communities allow him to. Now is the time, too.
      Remember the budget vote last June? Attendees angrily demanded that phys. ed. and instrumental music be restored. Do you think they would have pulled money from administration to do it? They couldn’t, though, only add their own funds — which they did. I’m grateful to them for that….

      What people call “politics” varies in the course of life. Some shy away from appearing “political” but become, in effect, “governed” by the very people with diametrically opposed interests. To my mind, though, this sort of thing; meeting attendance, talking to neighbors, Board members and State representatives – and even writing to the paper and this site! …is all part and parcel of civic, and, yes, personal responsibility.

      It can become unpleasant at times, but no more so than suffering in silence. Our work can also build bridges!

      They are your children, those are your tax dollars — those schools belong to you.

      The ball is in your court….


  3. Fire the Superintendent. And we need our own school board. Leave the chair in Island Falls since his agenda is to do away with Katahdin. My question would be how do you think we can afford a new school?


    • The RSU Board could, if they chose, create and empower individual school committees UNDER EXISTING LAW SEPARATE FROM ANY WITHDRAWAL EFFORT.

      I am unsure if that would help, though.

      The Chairman, who represents Island Falls, very clearly is chomping at the bit to close Katahdin. …a school to which he does not contribute and to which his community’s children do not attend. All he sees when he looks in the window (probably foaming at the mouth) is how much money he can pull out of it for himself.

      We can’t “afford a new school”. The idea is beyond asinine.

      I’ve never said anything along these lines, but I do agree. I see no path to a Superintendent our children and taxpayers need and can trust in Mr. Malone.


  4. There is an article in the Pioneer about RSU 50’s budget. How do they keep asking us to spend more. The fiscal irresponsibility is unbelievable. We should cut the budget in half. What are our kids getting, less class choice, iPads, teachers out for training, workshops, too much administration, etc. I don’t see how this is acceptable. Oh yes paying great schools partnership 20 grand to help further the consolidation agenda. 71 kids home schooled or out of district, wow do we see a problem here. How about administration and the board asks the question what can we do to fix this?


    • Thank you for this — I haven’t seen the Pioneer yet, and will pick one up this afternoon. In the meantime, I would be very interested to hear your take on the article.

      The “…fiscal irresponsibility IS unbelievable!” and has everything to do with priorities. They could not be less child-centered. That money belongs where education happens, which is in the teacher/student relationship — IN the classroom! …not layers of management, consultants. ..not positions that did not exist before the RSU was formed, and certainly not overpriced CC aligned edu-products and technology.

      You are very astute to recognize that the $20 grand the Board has spent (so far) on consulting services was more than likely to advise on how to get Katahdin closed and more money flowing to Dyer Brook — you weren’t supposed to notice that:)

      The good news, here, is that research suggests that a high school of 200 is ideal; that not only are both Katahdin and SACS “viable”, but have inherent advantages over larger schools. The State would destroy those, because that is what “equity” means to them, but the Board is ignoring, and ultimately, destroying them as well chasing “economies of scale” that 30 years of research has flatly debunked! Am I surprised that this administration has instructed the Board to “..not even look at it (Timbered Classrooms’ website)”? No. I don’t what is more pathetic; telling grown men and women not to read something? …or people who would submit to such an overreach of authority? There are some independent minded people, though, who I hope will defy that wildly inappropriate directive.

      Serious about “research based”? Read this website.

      It seemed strange, at last week’s meeting when the Superintendent claimed declining enrollment was major cost driver? So I should have more children so I can afford to feed them? What saddens me even more than the flight of parents; largely to homeschool at Katahdin, and pursuing more attractive options, perhaps in Houlton, from SACS… …is the terrible financial impact. Funding schools based on population rather than need is terribly inequitable, and is especially profound in smaller schools. The needs don’t decrease by thousands of dollars when a child leaves, but the resources do. All the more reason, then, to focus resources like a laser on what is important and look at staffing levels at successful small schools.

      Parents will continue to seek other options. But these options aren’t available to everyone, and resources diminish… equity erodes even further. Communities want and need austerity in administration/management, not the classroom, to break this vicious cycle, and they won’t get that without a fight.


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