RSU 50 School Board – Representation for the students, parents and citizens?

 Mincing no words, and pulling no punches…  Many thanks to cent7,  for a most welcome return by the guest author who already holds the “Timbered Classrooms” record for “viral-ness”!   Read on, and you will see why…

531739_551744508190847_256818158_nWhen you go to a school board meeting, you get told you have three minutes to speak, sometimes you are told you cannot speak about certain issues.  What?  If you have a concern as a parent, student, or citizen and you clearly haven’t had it resolved at the lower administrative level, isn’t this where you should bring your concerns?  Why is it when someone has a question, it is never answered.  I feel there is a real disconnect here.  There is also an agenda and no transparency.  Why not just say we want a new school.  How about listening to parents for a change.  We know our kids a lot better than you do, and we know what is best for them.

When we went into this RSU, we were promised it would save money, and there would be more educational opportunities for our kids.  Pause for laughter here.  That was a complete lie.  We are now spending more money and our kids education is in decline.  Do you care that we have a large number of kids in our district that our homeschooled or transferred to other schools.  Our kids constantly have subs for certain teachers who are out for training.  Training for what more fads in education that offer our kids up as guinea pigs.  Lets stick to the basics, use common sense, and look at kids as individuals and work to meet their needs.  Bring back shop, drafting,  welding, automotive, home ec, some different computer courses, etc.  Change the standards to include grades, grade home work, give due dates and clear expectations.  I am concerned that these kids, especially the freshman have no idea how they are doing in school.  Shouldn’t it concern you that kids are leaving Katahdin and SACS because they want more options in courses and extracurricular activities and a better education.  Not everyone has that choice, so step it up for the kids that are here.  So what if our schools are small.  There are plenty of small schools with far less enrollment than we have that do very well.

 Your budget problem is more of a spending issue.  Stop coming back to the towns and asking for more but giving our kids less.  Stop wasting our money on foolish programs that do not work.  IPads were a serious mistake.  They are a toy and are not functional for their work.  So glad the kids can play the apps though.                                                                                                                                                 We also do not need a curriculum coordinator, which is more money wasted.  Allow the teachers to do what they do best, be creative and talor curriculum to fit the needs of their students.  Common Core is just dumbed down bureaucratic education.  None of our kids are common, they are all unique with their own gifts and abilities.   One size does not fit all with education.

 There are a few last questions I have for you:  Who do you represent, the Superintendent, or do you represent the people who elected you?  Are you on the board to further your own agenda?  Why are you on the board if you are afraid to speak up?  Who do you think runs things in our district you or the Superintendent?  What is it you want for the kids of Katahdin and SACS?  Near as I can tell, the people and students are not being represented well at this point.  You all have the opportunity to listen to the people and hear what we are saying.  I hope you have the courage to stand up for what’s right in our schools.  Consolidating our schools will not solve our educational problems, nor will building a new school.  You will unduly burden the citizens and businesses in our area.  Here’s a start for you, cut down on the guidance counselors, administrators, and a superintendent who is paid too much.  If you really care start here.

4 responses to “RSU 50 School Board – Representation for the students, parents and citizens?

  1. Well said! I hope this has been sent to board members and administration as well as the newspaper!!??


  2. I wonder what the board thinks of the Common Core and Standards based grading? Is 42 pages of report card a good thing? What does it tell a parent? I would argue nothing. Parents want one page with grades. That way it is clear how a student is doing in school.


    • Mrs. Burton was very gracious in a brief discussion with me, and she seemed to like the Pearson materials, which are seizing the market for “Common Core-Aligned” stuff. Many good people like the Core; they like what proponents CLAIM that it is, which, when you peel back the layers as on an onion, proves to be vastly different than what it actually IS. (Like an onion? Also stinks, and causes tears:)

      I didn’t like it on its face, for the differences in educational philosophy for children of Obama, Gates, Duncan et. al. …and our own. “They will never give you the education you need to overthrow them”


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