REMINDER: the Budget Workshop!


Just a reminder, there is an important Board meeting and budget workshop tonight at Katahdin H.S. 6:30pm.

Important, far-reaching decisions are being crafted, so the more the merrier!  See you there!

Read the announcement from the Superintendent’s office as well as some background on the district’s finances here:

Letter from Superintendent Malone


51 responses to “REMINDER: the Budget Workshop!

  1. Good day, i have five minutes to comment on the budget meeting.
    Every body stay home and enjoy your family’s, i have got the budget all done. Get rid of one prince able and one guidance at SACS, cut last year budget back by $150,000.00 and call our New and improved way.

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  2. Yes that would be great. But it wont, meeting, after meeting, after meeting. Then at the final end,,,,,,,TAXES GO UP


    • Not if you turn out for the budget preparation process. The big meeting in June, when people vote is, in some ways, too late. Tonight is your chance to help shape the budget to reflect your priorities. Last year, in order to restore slashed positions, people were forced to give them more money. We all know that they would have taken it out of other, wasteful, line items if that was an option which is why they take money for those first.

      This is the time to weigh in, and make it politically untenable to shortchange your children and community.


  3. I no, that is why they get everything they want. meetings, meetings, meetings, meetings, meetings, until people don’t show then lets vote.
    yea, or nae, oh shit nae are not here . TO BAD


  4. Ya , its not right but true.


    • They do exert a certain control over the process, but they cannot control the narrative.

      Meetings can be useful to the community as well, though, the is a great deal that you can do outside of meetings. Call or write your Board representative, circulate a petition, write a letter to the editor, or just contact the press with your concerns.


  5. concernedparentalso

    Well the last night a bunch of us met and it was mention that closing of the katahdin schools are already in process. Malone and the state rep have met several times. The news of this is going to be public this summer. All the board members no of this, except one.


  6. I have a feeling I know which one…. Disgraceful. Is the State supportive of this idea? Time to contact your State rep to dig into this and fast.


  7. I can ad to that, its going to be about safety issues. Given him a great big jump forward.


    • Obviously he has been trying to get to “We have no choice but to close Katahdin.” It is so much easier for him than, “Close Katahdin because people on the SACS side of the district want the money – we have more deferred maintenance than you do, to catch up on…”

      To quote the humble farmer, “…it’s fun to spend other people’s money”.


  8. I told you guys 2 months ago, it was all smoke and mirrors. We were all meeting and talking under his suggesting, and he was using a different way .


    • If you are referring to the so-called “public forum” held by the Futures Task Force; all leading questions, and no answers to what people wanted …….. That has been criticized for good reason. I asked not only for a more open public forum and also asked when people would receive answers to questions they submitted at the end of the last one.

      Of course I got no answer.

      I am sensing a reluctance to confront the Board and administration on their “turf and terms”, so to speak, but it is necessary. You are neither taking a stand nor sending a message if you boycott meetings they control.

      They must be confronted and soon, if you want to set a course correction.


  9. WOW, that’s why ocea, was going thru the 2 schools 3 weekends ago. SAFETY that is a bad one.


    • Both schools? Katahdin is in better shape, says pretty much everyone.

      Of course, I am sure that they would not let a single finding go to waste toward their mission to close Katahdin.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if the State were willing to help the Supt. get this done, but I have no knowledge there…. so this is where our Representatives in the legislature can help us clarify what is going on on their end. Please get in touch with them


  10. Why do you think this man likes MEETINGS. When you all are setting there thinking and listen to him. He tells a little something and everybody gets fired up. He knows that you will need a meeting to prove him wrong. by then 45 more days has passed. While he is setting the safety issue in play, THEN HE WILL DROP THE BOMB.
    People are going to say, where were we. I no at meetings about nothing.


    • Meetings are part and parcel of any school district conducting business, and each affords time at the top of the Agenda for citizens to confront the Board and Administration with concerns.

      That said, meetings are the tip of the iceberg as people call or write letters to the Board, Administration and even State representatives; sign petitions, work on the RSU withdrawal effort, and engage with the press, perhaps via letters to the editor.

      The idea that our attendance at meetings controlled by the Administration somehow forwards his agenda is,
      I believe, misguided. Our listening can inform our efforts and strengthen them.

      No one can do it alone, but if you want control of your school and tax money back please, find your strengths and use them as you see fit.


  11. I do no the people that bought the half millinocket mill yard. They tear things down and salvage stuff. They were here probably a month ago. that was on a weekend also. i seen it for myself.


  12. knowles corner

    See if it is safety within the buildings, he does not need anyone.
    He already has it, THE STATE


    • Our state representatives can not only clarify what the State wants for Katahdin, but intervene if inclined. But they need to hear from you.

      I am just thinking out loud here, but from a State perspective Katahdin may well be more “viable”; the building is in better shape, and, there are fewer transfer opportunities for Katahdin students. (We learned last night that though more Katahdin families have opted to homeschool, more SACS families have chosen transfers for their children.

      The Superintendent can lead the State somewhat, and overlook a very popular and sensible option: when enrollment a warrant, close Katahdin Elementary and house PreK-12 at KMHS


  13. Wow! What a jerk this guy is! Talk about no communication and hiding things! Where is the transparency?


  14. CONFRONT THE BOARD, are we talking about the same board that has had secret meetings without one member. Or the board that new about closing both our schools. Or the board that gave HIM the raise. Or the board that agreed to FIRE our good teachers.Or the board that agreed to make the ship top heavy. Or the board that has let HIM run wild. Or the board that has turned a def ear to ALL the tax payers/ parents. WHY, so they can have a good laugh, or tell us more crap.


    • Um, ….YES.

      I was told by a wise woman, that sometimes these Boards need to be reminded who is in charge; that they have no authority over citizens. “Really?” I said. It’s true here.

      I have no knowledge of a secret meeting, but if you do, please, report it. School Boards, by law, must conduct their business in public, and must give adequate public notice. Deliberately hiding from one Board member is also, illegal.

      If you have knowledge of illegal activity on the part of this Board, please share it with the proper authorities or with someone who will do so.

      Confront the Board in public, with the press-pens flying furiously. Did you know you have every right to record Board meetings? That’s right. They cannot stop you.

      It becomes much harder to “turn a deaf ear” as the public becomes more aware, more engaged and more determined to govern their own school system.

      Why should I be afraid to be laughed at? I’m not afraid of their anger. I have a letter from a Board member intended to intimidate; angrily scolding me like a naughty child. Did that stop me?

      That letter was written 10 months ago, so you be the judge.

      I, and everyone who read it (and that is a LOT of people) had a laugh — it was that absurd.

      They want to “tell us more crap”? Demand they prove it — publicly. They lie? Call them out — in public.

      Ask for help, as well. The more minds, the better


  15. Ya, the people who did there valuation on the schools, said it would be half the cost to fix sacs than katahdin and it was about safety.
    that cost to fix sacs would only last 3 to 5 years, then they will need a new school.


    • Oh, I see. It wasn’t OSHA, or any government agency, but a consulting firm hired by Larry, obviously to come up with those “findings”.

      They have wanted a new school for a couple of decades at least, at SACS, and the RSU Law provided them with a way to get Katahdin communities to fund, fill and justify State investment in the idea. They hired Larry to get it done, and he continues to pursue this goal very aggressively.


  16. Yes by the way, the board new of this. Was it mentioned last night,no.


    • Of course the Board knew. I give the Board credit not only for knowing what Larry is doing, but pulling the strings.

      There is a difference between a government agency and private firm, though, going through those buildings.

      Yes, it was said at the meeting that WBRC Architects and Engineers went through the buildings:


  17. Sacs family’s transfers, smoke and mirrors. closing our schools, true facts.


    • Closing Katahdin, is a true fact. No one in their right mind would argue that.

      You are correct, that they would like to close SACS too, and get a new school in Crystal next door to the Health Center but that takes years, if not decades.

      Meanwhile, they will settle for making Katahdin close theirs, and put our children on a long bus ride…. ..with their backpacks full of money.


  18. Yes it was osha.


  19. As far as people meeting for coffee, they can talk about anything.
    Do you guys really think there going to admit to something like that.
    So was that one member asked out for coffee, NO will she ever NO.
    Will they call it a meeting NO. Is our kids going over there YES. Is the osha letter going to be read 5 buis days after school is out YES
    Can our state reps do anything NO. is our kids going to be bullied over there at sacs YES. is our kids going to get a and b over there NO. are we going to pay our taxes YES. is the money going north YES.


    • You don’t have to get them to admit anything; just paint a clear picture of what is going on in public.

      So you had coffee with a Board member? Great! Which one?

      Be very very skeptical of any claims that “no one can do anything”, because no one can say that for sure. Claims like that are intended to discourage you and make you back off.


  20. I no for a fact that osha broke the backs of every paper mill in maine.
    Just on safety alone.


  21. Yes that is what we said, 2015 in the fall, our kids will be in sacs.


  22. I have voted no on everything that has had a vote, and it is still no.
    But it is going to happen.


  23. Yep Yep it is


  24. Well, stopped in to visit. I can see where this is going. w pk gl db pk, where are you getting your facts. My ears have been on the ground on everything. Never ever have i heard this shit. If it is true good, then help us fight the fight. If you cant prove your source, or some one is blowing smoke up your ass, keep in your back pocket.
    Got my drift. Things like this shit are not helping. Get on board if you would like, but stop this proper gander.


  25. Hey Mr Tapley, we did not mean it in a bad way, its just what we are hearing. We are here and not for them.


  26. There is nobody as ugly er than i about this, but man we have to keep positive.


  27. boy it does get to ya


  28. He is right, do not take your i off the ball


  29. The Maine DOE Commissioner Susan Gendron had more power to close Benedicta’s school, without a single vote of any kind. Our own Superintendent can only dream of being able to do that.

    We kept it open for two wonderful years after that, until enrollment fell to 5.

    Anyway, you haven’t failed; you haven’t lost — until you stop trying. This is earlier stages, and you have so much more power than we did then; any number of advantages, really.

    Sometimes I have to step back, take a breath, then come back to this refreshed. It’s OK, even good!

    One HS so far apart; families sending children of different ages in different directions will be disastrous and expensive. What could be more positive; more joyous than doing everything you can for kids and community?

    But please – don’t let anyone tell you that it is hopeless. If they thought they had already won, they would not bother trying to silence people. They haven’t. …not even close.

    You don’t fight because you think you will win; you fight for what you want for your children– because it is right.


  30. Fight the fight, fight for your right, fight for our kids, fight for your wallet, fight for KHS. Not each other. I thought the dam sign said katahdin cougars,not katahdin pu___s.


  31. Mr Tapley, you do have a way with words. L O L My wife and i are having coffee laughing. Thanks


  32. Since when at a board meeting can’t you voice a complaint about a teacher. Wouldn’t that be the proper venue to let them know the issues people have. I was told the superintendent never said he was going to consolidate. I think just like the rest of you that that is the goal and a new school. Where do they think we are going to find money to pay for this. Their time would be better spent trying to educate our kids. I am really troubled with the lack of transparency and the lying going on here. Who do these educates think they are. I know one thing. They don’t care a lick about our kids, just the agenda. The best way to get them to be truthful might be to go to the papers. What do you think.
    Frustrated but hopeful.


    • It is frustrating to compile the concerns of your community, only to be shut down by a board that does not wish to hear about it for whatever reason.

      Boards must have policies handling citizen complaints, though, and many use the sample policy from the Maine School Management Association Handbook.

      I do know that the RSU 50 Board uses this book:

      from 8-D

      Parents, students, or other citizens with complaints or concerns regarding any aspect of the [school unit] or an employee thereof shall be encouraged to seek a resolution at the lowest possible level. The only exceptions are complaints that concern School Board actions or operations. Such complaints should be addressed to the Board Chair.
      If the complaint cannot be resolved at the lowest level, the person initiating the complaint may appeal the decision to the next level (i.e., Supervisor of Buildings, Grounds & Transportation, Principal, Special Education Director, Assistant Superintendent).
      If the complaint cannot be resolved at any lower level, it may be appealed to the Superintendent. If the complaint remains unresolved at the Superintendent’s level, the person making the complaint may request that the matter be placed on the agenda of the next regular School Board meeting. The Superintendent/Board Chair shall determine whether the complaint should be placed on the agenda.
      At all levels of the complaint process, school employees are required to inform the person making the complaint of his/her right to appeal the decision to the next level….”

      I hope this helps.


  33. Absolutely, we need editorials written to local papers. We need to write about the issues we are facing in rsu 50 as parents and taxpayers. When this type of info hits the papers, maybe administration will listen. I did not attend the board meeting last night, but am hearing that Malone is spending more and more money on administrative positions, such as a Curriculum Coordinator? It feels like the hidden agenda is going to be what he has said all along, “We can’t afford to keep all of the schools in rsu 50 open.” He is going to make it appear that way to taxpayers as a way to close schools. My opinion and lots of others is that the practical answer for us is: Pre K-12 all in the KMHS building! Doesn’t that make sense?? Many people have worked this plan out in that building. Does it make too much sense??? We need to act on something that makes sense before a bad decision is made by Malone and supported by the board! Where do we go for help and support? Contact Rick Long and others in Augusta as well as get the media involved?


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