Student Spring Survey

“…The survey was not done for negative reasons, but with the hope that it would be utilized by the administration to improve the district and facilitate a coinciding budget….” ~Student blogger and pollster

3128097-1  Thank you to everyone who participated in the Student Spring Survey.  Happily, our young pollsters were able to garner responses from a wider span of the district than I have in past efforts, and we appreciate their diligence there!  Respondents’ answers also come from a wide range of perspectives, from faculty, to community members and parents as well as students.  

Please read this with all of the care with which our young people prepared their thoughtful questions, and use the responses constructively,  as you work to create an optimal learning environment for all children, and build bridges with the community.

As always, we look forward to your take in the comments section.


Student Spring Survey Responses


4 responses to “Student Spring Survey

  1. The results show that my own personal feelings along with my classmates is not just a minority, but the majority! Community Members, Faculty, Parents, and Students from both sides have shown that there needs to be change! Bloggers, share this around our communities! Budget time is nearing, and this is just what everyone needs to be aware of.


    • It paints a very interesting picture, certainly, and an instructive one IF the Board and Administration choose to look at it, and utilize it in that fashion.

      One thing that this particular survey highlights, for me, that others did not, is the necessity to reevaluate discipline and behavior management.

      “Cracking down” on kids who would never give anyone a minute’s trouble only creates more problems doesn’t it?

      The Administration would be wrong to try and deal with this survey with their authority. Many respondents are not subject to it anyway, and it will further burn bridges with them. We need real collaboration on worthy goals.


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