monopoly“…it is becoming apparent that any significant savings to the towns, or increased opportunities for students will only come from the elimination of duplication of services….”

~Larry Malone, RSU #50 Superintendent

Read the pdf of Superintendent Malone’s letter to Municipal officials, et. al.:

Letter From The Superintendent of RSU #50




31 responses to “Letter From The Superintendent – BUDGET WORKSHOP APRIL 14, KATAHDIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 6:30pm

  1. Ok here are some ideas for cost Savings Mr. Malone. Cut your salary in half, cut down on administration, cut down on teacher training during the school year, iPads need to go, etc. These are just a few ideas. I believe you spend too much, we do not want to give you anymore money. Try thinking outside the box, stop coming to the towns for more money, when our kids are getting less. We have spent more money since joining the RSU and hiring you. As I understand it you just got a 2% raise, and make more than the Superintendent of Houlton, that is ludicrous. I would say there is no justification to a salary that high. And no we don’t want to consolidate thank you very much.


    • Last Spring, Mr. Malone told me and others that he had “no choice” but to cut faculty, then proceeded to spend a fortune on consultants’ fees, layers of management that didn’t previously exist….

      He DID, indeed, have “a choice” there, and could have made a less child-centered one.

      The RSU Governance structure wipes out local school Boards, so people screaming to move resources from administration to actual children are ignored. He will always strategically spend on unpopular items first, then turn to communities for more money for things that are vital to kids and parents.

      While trying to liquidate Katahdin in a misguided attempt to enrich the budget of SACS communities, the Superintendent and the Board are not even looking at alternative strategies to running small, cost-effective schools; not asking the right questions. “Is Katahdin viable” is the wrong question. It’s not a Taco Bell, for heaven’s sake, but public education! The question should be, “How do we maximize Katahdin’s resources optimally for kids? Knowledgeable people have suggested Tanberg to expand offerings, for instance….

      Further consolidation IS good for some people, just not for children, or taxpayers around Katahdin. It is a cost-shift, and not a savings. Those who benefit have a lot of power, though, so you have a fight on your hands.


  2. Here you go, he wants 5.6% increase in sherman taxes. How much more damage is this man going to be allowed to do.


    • That is entirely up to you.

      This is going to continue, year in, year out. He is not serving taxpayers of Sherman, or children of Katahdin. Your tax money will continue to go to one school, while your children go without in the other.

      You can put a stop to this.


  3. We have to call a emergency meeting at the school. All tax paying people,
    including selectmen and town manager. Not next month, rate off. We have to make one great big giant team, and squash this son of —–.


    • That is a good idea.

      I think I have your email. When I find it, I will send you an author invitation, so you can use this blog to announce any arrangements you make to our readers, write a post….. Whatever you like.

      Anything else you need, please let me know.


  4. Every body go to the town office and get some copies,and spread them around.


  5. concernedparentalso

    No more coffee, talking, quoiting, pissing and moaning,meetings about nothing. YES LETS MAKE HEADS ROLL.


  6. Just brought 50 copies down to herbs


    • Wow! Great!

      I just sent an author invitation to a yahoo email I had for you folks?

      The site is all yours for anything you would like to convey to all 70 or so readers at once!

      Hope it helps.


  7. So far all Larry Malone has done for our school is give himself a raise. It says the teachers still don’t have contracts, why is it so hard to give the teachers the money they deserve it only took five minutes at a board meeting for him to get HIS RAISE. Our kids deserve so much better. This is a horrifying situation. Our population is mainly left of grandparents so I don’t see how he can sleep at night knowing that many of them will have to choose between food, medicine or losing their homes to default for not paying these tax increases they can’t afford. I hope when he calls another of his friends to come up and be hired in another administration job we don’t need and they discuss this persons salary over steak and wine they all choke on it.


    • Bizarre, isn’t it?

      Board members who pride themselves on being “tough” in negotiations with teachers, but when it comes to bureaucrats? Like Lake Woebegone’s children, EVERYONE must be “above average”.

      He has demonstrated, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that appeals to conscience are all a waste of breath.

      The fact that people are suffering so, makes it all the more imperative to direct what resources that are available to children — directly to children.

      Our parents and grandparents cannot afford to fund schools in Dyer Brook AND Stacyville, but moving money from one town to another is exactly what the RSU Law was designed to do.

      There are some Board members who haven’t “drunk the Kool Aid” so to speak, but not enough. It is up to you, to fight for fairness for our children, our parents and grandparents…


  8. Please let me no what i can do.


    • “Act as though everything you do matters, because it does.” Every email or phone call to a Board member, Selectman, Municipal or State official; every letter to the editor, every meeting…. Even every time to talk to your neighbor about your concerns — matters a great deal. When you arrive at solutions, either together with friends or via your own research — then demand your solutions be put into action by the Board.

      In the end, you will have the sort of governing structure and relationship with it, that is more inherently fair and responsive.

      Thank you so much for your interest, and willingness to help!


  9. This is all good, but you will never get a meeting like that. People do not have the time. I will not say they should not make the time, but i will be surprised. I hope they will, i really do.


    • People would like to be able to get on with their lives, and simply trust that their Superintendent and Board representatives are acting in THEIR interests.

      They aren’t, and won’t. There is too much money at stake — YOUR money, for other people in other communities.

      I have, personally, seen a VERY robust turnout at meetings convened to discuss RSU withdrawal, for example, some Board meetings, and the Budget vote, of course. People are even more fired up now that they know more, and are coming to the conclusion, “If not me, who? If not now, when?”

      I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you attend;)


  10. If the petition going around about a certain high school science teacher works on her not getting rehired why couldn’t we do the same with Mr. Malone if enough parents got together and signed a petition saying we want a new superintendent wouldn’t the board then have to listen?


    • It may work better. The Superintendent has nearly sole discretion when it comes to whether to retain or release probationary teachers, but the Board decides leadership.

      If a petition is good for the goose….


  11. This winter should have shown all of us whats in store for the future. I hope when you read this that you keep your love ones in mine. That is all family members the ones that are better off and the ones that are not. This pertains to the neighbors and there children and all the people of SHERMAN. This 5.6% increase of our taxes is going to HURT our community real bad. Malone says in his letter to the town, the state is cutting back. We the people of sherman has to pick up the slack. Why are you not listening, the state is cutting back, YOU NEED TO CUT BACK. can you not hear. Are you so in to hurting sherman that you just do not care about the children, the parents, the elderly. I think that you make to much money because you can not see the hurt that you are doing. Groceries are up, gas is up, lights are up, insurance is up, and house values are down. The board members and that rep. for sherman [knowles ] should be a shame of your self’s to let any one person make $109,000 a year. You people have gone to far. Now its time for us to do our job. STOP THE MONEY, FIRE EVERY ONE OF YOU PEOPLE THAT HAS TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE SYSTEM. TAKE BACK OUR SCHOOLS AND MAKE SURE PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND YOUR CREW OF YES PEOPLE IS NEVER ALLOWED TO DO THIS AGAIN. We need to talk to each other at the schools,the store, the gas station, the internet. To just say NO MORE. Please forget who i am, and think about all the people you no, this is not right in any way shape or form. Thank you for your time, and please talk to people you no.


    • I’m told the Board was warned that people would be “unhappy” about Larry’s salary. Mr. Ryan, evidently, shrugged and said “They’re unhappy anyway.”

      Wise Board members, from high-performing districts in the State would tell you such an attitude is tantamount to political suicide, but too many of RSU #50’s Board don’t believe there will be a reckoning outside of the ballot box.

      We need to redefine the terms of the relationship between the Board and community, and clarify “…where the bear s__ts in the buckwheat!”

      Until we do, decisions will only hurt our children and elderly more and more.


  12. P.S. That doesn’t mean firing teachers, it means firing your administration members that are not needed


  13. I think Jerry Tapley is spot on. We need a meeting ASAP. Parents and community members need to come together and fight this. Malone doesn’t need more money, he needs to stop spending, and take a pay cut. The next thing he will do is come up with another position like curriculum coordinator. This guy is inexperienced and useless at his job.


    • This whole austerity for kids but lavish spending on a bureaucracy that never sees them is…. How on Earth does Larry, the Board — anyone, for that matter expect to keep their positions in light of decisions like that?

      When you settle a time and place for this meeting, please let me know. I hope it will be before the budget workshop?


  14. People should be concerned not just with the money being spent, but with the things shoved down our throat like Standards based grading. How about a 42 page report card. Students targeted because their views don’t go along with the administration. They are too afraid of what the students have to say, but don’t want too listen.


    • Though the State is requiring a transition to Standards-Based, and may well have signed off on the Common Core before it was written, (and before anyone realized just how dystopian it is! — see our blog posts tagged “common core”) there was and is discretion surrounding the pace and cost of implementation. I agree with you; too much money has been diverted in RSU #50 for this purpose. Though the State, per its DOE website states that there are no costs involved, and no need for state subsidy to meet this mandate, Superintendents statewide report expenditures as high as $600,000!

      The backlash against the Core is understandably strong, from Greens to the Tea Party alike. Other governors have withdrawn from the Common Core, and our own has expressed some healthy skepticism.

      Feelings aren’t right or wrong, they just are. Students’ feelings about the decisions of adults in charge must be respected. (‘The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil.~Ralph Waldo Emerson)

      There are lessons for all of us, too, in the perspective of students, and we should take them to heart.

      …and yes, put them first over the desires of powerful grownups who are looking into their classroom windows, and wanting every cent we invest in them for themselves!


  15. Yes, talk, phone, face book, every way of communication. I hope that this all works. All of you are right. Lets pull together.


    • You would be amazed by how much people accomplish, each doing a bit….

      This concept, actually, applies statewide as well. The RSU Law, along with the State’s divestment from rural Maine generally, should not go unanswered. Maine is nearly 70% rural, yet policies toward rural populations are devastating. Rural people have the numbers, but isolation dilutes their political clout.


  16. Yes, thank you for the invite lisa, i will look into that. I am not that much of a computer wizard. LOL THANKS


    • Neither am I — this blog runs itself, and of course we all have teenaged in-house tech support.

      You will get more readers in a post you author — emails will automatically go out to all of our followers, and appear on the Facebook page.

      Good luck getting that meeting together — I’ll be there.


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