“Humble” Classrooms

th“I am one of many who believes that it is time for the state-mandated consolidation of school districts to be dissolved.

My reasons are many, the school bus that went by my home at 6 this morning being only one of them. If kids are going to spend much of their school day just getting there and back, conduct some classes on the bus.”

~the humble farmer


2 responses to ““Humble” Classrooms

  1. I have heard that there are conversations in Augusta concerning dissolving the rsu’s. That should tell us something.


    • That doesn’t surprise me.

      There is so much systemic inequity in the RSU model of governance…

      They already eliminated penalties for non-compliance so schools that rejected consolidation were not hit with the penalties people who voted TO consolidate were desperate to avoid.

      Dissolving them would be the most fair way to proceed, as withdrawal is so onerous especially for poor communities.


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