Pearls of Wisdom from our Coastal Cousins….

owlsljm“There are two provisions within the statute governing education in Maine, which if authorized by the governing RSU give communities increased influence in local schools – not local control, but choice over adding, funding and/or replacing courses and programs. These two provisions are MRSA 20-A 1478 and 1481-A. They allow you, the RSU Board, to establish and empower local school committees. They also permit municipalities to raise and direct funds for use in local schools over and above what is contained in the RSU budget. If you haven’t read them, I’d recommend you do. They represent a significant tool for the board to reach and substantively involve communities in the education of their children.”

Read the entire article here:

St. George Withdrawal RSU

Read the document containing MRSA 20-A  1478 and 1481-A here:


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