Inclusive Leadership | Rethinking Education

What a timely, and pitch-perfect piece by “Rethinking Education”‘s  Kathreen Harrison!  See you Monday night at 6 at Katahdin Elementary School…..


“…Some school district leaders and boards prefer to make decisions privately. They do not invite either educators or taxpayers to contribute in meaningful ways to decisions that need to be made. The result is often misunderstandings, botched decision-making, and a culture of mistrust.

School district leaders and boards should take care to create a culture of openness. If people feel shut out they will not support decisions that are made.  Board policies should create pathways for hearing from constituents. Superintendents should listen carefully to the voices of administrators, teachers, and parents. Administrators should work hard to create as much open, focused dialogue as possible among the members of their staffs.

A culture of openness brings out the best in everyone, and ultimately this benefits the students.”

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Inclusive Leadership | Rethinking Education.

12 responses to “Inclusive Leadership | Rethinking Education

  1. To all parents, its been brought to my attention that there is allot of miss understanding do to the concerns of being a parent and a tax payer. No 1, to the parents that got refused to go to the school and talk to the { HIGHER UPS } about there child in a certain class. As long as your child is under that ROOF, you don’t need permission to go there. You have the right to go anytime you feel the need. You have the right to talk to any of the HIGHER UPS that you want. When you go to these board meetings, you DO NOT need permission to talk, and speak out. As a tax payer you DO have the right to speak your concerns. The board members DO NOT have the right to shut down FREEDOM OF SPEECH. They are not our KINGS and QUEENS, there is only one thing they are there for. To look out for the best interest of our CHILDREN and how our TAX DOLLARS are being SPENT.



    • Amen! No one has that kind of authority over you; not the Board, not the Administration – no one. I don’t know why people so often forget that; those wielding imaginary authority and those who instinctively defer to it, but they do. This needed to be said.

      I hope to see you folks at the Public Forum tonight at Katahdin Elementary School 6:00!


  2. WOW, lay it out there. I guess that says it all. Do not hold back.


  3. Go get them big guy.


  4. I can say with out a doubt, that was powerful. I hope they are reading
    this, like to see there faces.


  5. Jerry is right – administration and board members are supposed to be working for the best interest of our children. They are failing to do that on many issues in recent months. We as parents, taxpayers, and citizens need to speak in support of the education of our children. It does not do us any good to talk amongst each other, etc. We have to go directly to the schools and the board. I was recently advised by a teacher from a larger school who has a position of “staff representative to his RSU board” that we have to continue attending meetings and vocalizing what we support and to not give up, they will eventually have to listen if we are persistent. And we are a persistent group!!!!!!!!!!!! We are not going away!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • You are right too — they won’t listen unless and UNTIL we make them do so.

      Talking amongst ourselves is a great beginning, and supports the real work of speaking out — which is harder to do if you feel alone.

      Nope. Not going anywhere. I’m so glad you aren’t either:)


  6. concernedparentalso

    Parents/ tax payers should be vocal on all issues. They should not let the smallest issue go by. If it is with there children at school, get in there face. If you do not like your tax money being spent the wrong way, get in there face. If you are some body that can not make a meeting these things still work. If they here it all the time, it will make a difference. Remember you do mater, and words do count.


    • Your are absolutely right — calling them out on their mistakes swiftly and surely not only heightens the chances they’ll be corrected, but also shapes the relationship between officials and the communities they are supposed to represent.
      The difference between RSU 50 and optimally-functioning, child-centered districts is the view of parents and the community. Disdain, condescension, dissmissiveness vs. respect, even deference…..


  7. Well said Jerry. We have to keep being vocal for sure. For any of you who have freshman this year or next, wait to you hit the standards based grading. It has to be one of the dumbest moves educationally I have every seen. My freshman is getting screwed over, totally dumbed down. They didn’t even have to do it this year, were unprepared, and that is why the freshman are on trimesters for grades. Wait till you see the report card, all 2’s. It means nothing and tells you nothing. If we don’t gain some local support back, I see homeschooling on the rise.
    Why is this guy so gung ho for consolidation anyway? What does he care? He doesn’t even live here? It is hard to want to speak up at times because I feel like they hear but do not listen!!! Administration thinks they know better than us what is right for our kids, which is ridiculous. Anyway enough of my soapbox for now. Thanks Lisa for providing this outlet, where we can voice our opinions.


    • Standards-based grading, along with the Common Core is awful, to be sure. Why do you think elite private schools reject it?

      “This guy” is “gung ho” for consolidation because he was hired to close Katahdin because A) people want the money, and 2) because despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, he is convinced it will save money for people who are strained by the pressure of high property taxes.

      Superintendents make their bones with grandiose plans to slash and burn budgets, and move on (or forced to move on) when (not “if”) they fail.

      Not only will consolidation fail to save money, it will draw even more of YOUR child’s already meager allotment out of his/her classroom and into MORE administration, management, bussing etc.

      Oh, and you’re welcome! People deserve a safe place to speak out.


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