Maine School Consolidation: a Reorganization Report Card, and Food for Thought in RSU #50

“Timbered Classrooms” has been devoting this week to the issue of School Consolidation, as the RSU makes high-stakes decisions in this area. Please come out to the public forum on February 10, @6:00pm in the KES Cafeteria. These decisions are too important to make without you!

Timbered Classrooms...


“A wave of research from around the country shows that consolidation does not improve schools or lead to better academic results.  Spending on education does not go down; indeed, budgets often balloon with increased transportation costs and more administrators to run enlarged districts.  Consolidation leads to schools closing and to bigger schools, with less parental involvement and community participation.  And, in many parts of the United States, it has led to children on unconscionable bus rides lasting several hours a day.”

Elaine McArdle  “Together We Won’t”

The Boston Sunday Globe  March 8, 2009 p. C3

A concise, thoughtful statewide assessment of how Maine’s RSU Law has performed relative to its goals of Efficiency, Equity and Quality, along with his recommendations to improve the lot of Maine schoolchildren.

Maine School Consolidation Report Card

What would YOUR “report card” for RSU #50 look like?

~ Are schools in RSU 50 really…

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