Coffee and Awesome-sauce…


“Dear Parents,

It is my pleasure to announce we have received a grant from the Cole Transportation Museum.  The museum has offered us a wonderful opportunity to help infuse new life into our music program by donating 21 brand-new instruments to the Katahdin Music Program.  These instruments will go to any and all students who would like to play in the band for grades 5-12.  In return for the instruments, the Cole Transportation Museum is asking us to take our students on a field trip to the museum and play at one of their events each year for the next 5 years.


At this time, there are about 20 students in our high school band, and this donation of 21 instruments will create some great musical opportunity for students at all grade levels.  We have set a meeting time for February 6th at 2:45 where the folks from the museum would like to come see our school and meet the students, parents, and community members who will be benefiting from this program.  The Cole Transportation Museum does a lot of great things all over the state and they are very interested in meeting our community and the people they help.  We urge anyone who would like to attend this meeting to come and show your thanks and support.  Attendance for band members is mandatory.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 356-4218.




Eryn Schmidt


Katahdin Middle/High School”


See you there!


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