for the love of learning: Mandated Optimism

art225Reblogged from “For the Love of Learning”

“Putting students on notice that their attitudes had better damn well be positive tells us less about what makes for an optimal learning environment than it does about the needs (if not neediness) of the person who sends this message. Kids don’t require a classroom that’s relentlessly upbeat; they require a place where they’ll feel safe to express whatever they’re feeling, even if at the moment that happens to be sad or angry or scared. They need a place, in other words, where negativity is allowed. Bad feelings don’t vanish in an environment of mandatory cheer — they just get swept under the rug where people end up tripping over them, so to speak.”

for the love of learning: Mandated Optimism.


2 responses to “for the love of learning: Mandated Optimism

  1. Kids need a classroom where they feel inspired to learn, and because of that love to learn. Kids need teachers who encourage them to think outside the box and disagree (respectfully) when something is not right. Kids need to be challenged, taught, and helped when they are not getting something. They don’t need a high school science teacher who bakes for them, try teaching, not bribing.


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