Curmudgucation: A Peek at CCSS 2.0

Laughing_Apple_by_Fiore_chanOscar Wilde famously said, “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh; otherwise they’ll kill you.”. 

On that note, here is Peter Greene’s hilarious take on the future of the Common Core:

“*In response to continued complaints that focus on testing has squeezed out many valuable phys ed and arts programs, we are proud to introduce the Physical Arts program. For this program, offered during one day of the 9th grade year, students will draw a picture of a pony on a tuba and then throw the tuba as far as possible….”

Read his entire post, in all its irreverence, here:

Curmudgucation: A Peek at CCSS 2.0.


4 responses to “Curmudgucation: A Peek at CCSS 2.0

  1. This post makes you want to laugh, then you stop and realize how scary it is!


    • The actual Common Core is even more absurd, isn’t it?

      You may as well laugh as cry, but good people are working so hard to get rid of it and put education back into the hands of professional educators. I hope you will join them!


  2. I hope we can change this, it is so ridiculous. Give control back to the local school districts and educators and parents.


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