For the Love of Learning: Culture of Compliance


A quick, yet insightful read by Joe Bower.  This, and other posts can be found at the link below the excerpt…

“…who owns a teacher’s professional development?

And under what circumstances would the answer to the above question ever be someone other than the teacher?

I don’t care if your favorite author is Alfie Kohn or B.F Skinner. Either way, for professional development and life long learning to thrive, we must provide a forum for open dialogue.”

via for the love of learning: Culture of Compliance.


8 responses to “For the Love of Learning: Culture of Compliance

  1. Every teacher, administrator, parent, citizen needs to read this article written by Joe Bower! It is simple and straightforward and feels like it is talking to KMHS! Has he been at our school? His reference to “open dialogue,” I think, also refers to listening to students and parents. We can make KMHS a positive learning environment where our kids take pride in their school and feel some ownership. The first step is for administration and others to listen to them, then “pick your battles,” and support their learning. It feels like common sense, but why are our kids not experiencing it?


    • I know, right? Joe Bower writes in Alberta, but that illustrates the reach of corporate reform. We are not alone.

      You cannot create a “positive learning environment where kids take pride and feel ownership” AND liquidate the school. Every single decision, either moves us toward excellence OR closure — you cannot do both.

      The administration is faced with this choice repeatedly, and the goal is clear.


  2. So true. What is open dialogue at KMHS? It is not encouraged. How is it good to run a school, where kids and teachers are not encouraged to be creative, share their ideas, and be respected. It is only a good idea if it goes along with the administrations views. Very bad for our kids and teachers, and incredibly shortsighted. Once they encourage people to share their ideas and actually listen, we will be able to change things at Katahdin. I absolutely agree with you, we are in desperate need of common sense.


    • …not very enlightened, is it? Oh, the insights that we are missing that could be pressed into service toward child-centered excellence and efficiency for taxpayers!

      Board members have “cracked down” on me, but as their authority is entirely imaginary… didn’t hurt a bit.

      I would hate to lose good teachers for speaking truth, so it’s up to parents and the communities here. Let’s build a strong mandate, here, in the community and especially at the upcoming forum. ..and go from there!


  3. Cracked down on you, that is amusing. You should keep speaking out, they don’t seem to have any trouble taking your kids tuition money. So sad that people are afraid of different viewpoints.


    • It is strange to me, the way people confuse respect and deference.

      I have been, and will continue to be “respectful” but NEVER “deferential”.

      They are two very different things.

      Don’t worry — I won’t be deterred.


  4. Keep pushing.


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