The Real Role Of Leadership…

image “The real role of leadership in education … is not and should not be command and control. The real role of leadership is climate control, creating a climate of possibility.” ~Ken Robinson



3 responses to “The Real Role Of Leadership…

  1. I think Malone missed the memo on that one! We will have the possibility of a better school when the bureaucrats get out. He doesn’t care one thing about our students.


    • Did you see the post of Sam Smith’s quote? “For more than fifty years, America has been consolidating school districts and the main effect has been to replace educators with bureaucrats and wardens” ?
      School District Consolidation grows administration. It shouldn’t and I can’t fully explain why, but it does! It has been well-documented.

      I have never seen less child-centered AND less taxpayer-centered decisions coming from an administration. (Note: communities have made their priorities very clear, and will likely be accused of wanting to soak the taxpayer. Actually, community priorities are much more inexpensive and very efficient.)


  2. I agree. Educating our kids well isn’t really the big concern here. Making sure parents and some teachers don’t air their views are. What leadership?! Bullying leadership!


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