Save the Date!


The RSU #50 Futures Committee will hold its community forum on Monday, February 10th 2014 at 6:00pm at the Katahdin Elementary School Cafeteria.

“The purpose of the meeting is to acquire core belief statements about future educational values….”

These core beliefs will guide crucial decisions about about educational infrastructure in the RSU.  Please share yours….  Click the link below for the statement from the RSU Administration:



6 responses to “Save the Date!

  1. The statement from the RSU Administration seems “wordy” and actually confused me. I am thinking there are others out there that feel the same? My understanding of the Task Force/Vision Committee is that they will ultimately be proposing a plan to the school board for future consolidation within the RSU, whether it be schools, teachers, administration, or other. Craig Kesselheim from Great Schools Partnership was hired (the amount of $20,000 was approved at a board meeting) to do a study of RSU 50 and make recommendations. It is evident from reading minutes of the Vision Committee meetings and the statement from Administration that parents and citizens need to be present at the February 20 public meeting. We need to let this committee know what WE want for our children’s future education in RSU 50 or otherwise! This seems like the opportunity to do that. I have read in the minutes that administration will LISTEN to parents, students, and community and that they want to work with us. Let’s support each other and our children and be present at the public forum on February 20th!! Thank you, Lisa, for attending the meeting and keeping us informed!


    • You’re welcome — I am glad I went.

      The Feb. 10 meeting will afford the Committee an opportunity to explore not only the aspirations of the community they serve but also the values that shape them.

      Once they have a clear picture of what the communities want, it is at least difficult to ignore them; impossible, really, if people choose to stop them.


  2. Sorry, just realized I made a mistake on the date of the public forum – It is scheduled for Feb 10 not Feb 20!!


  3. I agree we have to get a lot of people to this public forum, which will basically showcase the Superintendent’s agenda. Lots of parents need to speak and be heard!


    • Yes, the more the better. I really like the format; the post-it notes, table discussions…. It gives everyone the opportunity to be heard and not just those quick to stand up and speak publicly.


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