Poll Results!

Wolf_tally.jpg.CROP.promo-mediumlargeMany thanks to our readers for the robust response to our recent poll.

The decisions surrounding reconfiguration of the RSU are far-reaching, and it’s so important that YOU weigh in with what you believe is best.

Poll Results are available by clicking on the link below.  Please note, that the top two ideas; that won the most votes — are currently not being considered by the Visions Committee, who rejected them out of hand a the very first meeting.  The rest of the scenarios are being considered, but some got no votes at all from our readers. ( As participants could click multiple -all boxes if they chose, scenarios that got no votes at all were flatly rejected here yet are on the table???).

As administrator of Timbered Classrooms, I will be at the meeting tonight, and hope you will join me there, at subsequent Visions Committee and/or Board Meetings to ensure your voice is heard.

This is no spectator sport is it?  Thanks again for your input:)

Poll! | Timbered Classrooms….

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