Not A Spectator Sport….

Image“What You Allow, Is What Will Continue” ~ Unknown

When the RSU 50 Board, and the Communities it serves strikes a chord….. ….break out the earplugs.  Dissonance; disharmony……

The good news, is that there are seats on the Board just waiting for  you.  Yes, YOU.  There are vacancies in Sherman, Patten, Mt. Chase, Island Falls, Merrill, Oakfield, Moro — please check with your town office post-haste, because your paperwork, (ugh… yes, I know but stay with me, here, it isn’t that onerous.)  Paperwork needs to be filed by the end of January.

Please go now — run, don’t walk.  You can read the rest of this when you return.  We’ll wait!

If you are happy with the direction of the RSU…. Never mind — you probably aren’t reading this then.  Our readers have made themselves abundantly clear what they want, and it is a different direction.

How many times do we hear, “They aren’t LISTENING!” “They’re ignoring us….!”  Who won’t ignore you?  Who do you trust to guard the interests of YOUR children; YOUR community other than YOURSELF?

Your school; your children; your tax dollars.  Be their steward.

Here is your opportunity to show us what good governance looks like, and may we all be better for it.  Be sure to drop us a line to let our readers know what you stand for.  Good Luck!


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