Standards-Based; A Maine Case Study


“It’s hard for a parent to hear, ‘Give me a year or two, and we’ll fix that.’ Because their kid doesn’t have a year or two….

This case study paints a picture of the experiences of RSU 2; their transition to a proficiency-based grading system….  Whether you favor a standards-based system, or not; whether you are familiar with the subject, or still have unanswered questions….. What strikes a chord with you?


3 responses to “Standards-Based; A Maine Case Study

  1. I would like to say that whatever is said about Standards Based Grading, I think it is a horrible dumbing down of our grading system. I have a freshman, who would have worked a lot harder this year if it could have been for a grade. When you try to pass something off as good to students and it is not, they see right through it. Kids are smart, don’t try to expect them all to fit into one simple box. The public schools seem to try to make things work that are not tested and proven to work. Who wants to be sold a lesser product and told it is better. We expect kids to go out in life and do their best, compete for jobs, excel, then you give them no expectations academically, creatively, or behaviorally in high school. In my experience if the bureaucrats are trying to pawn something off on our children as a good thing, it probably is not. The people trying to change these things are not the educators, they are the administrators. Teachers, must just shake their heads and say really another change that is not going to work, why don’t they just let us do our jobs. I am tired of all the fads in education that have made kids education suffer. Our kids deserve better than this stupid standards based idiocy!


    • Have you read, “Go Home Dr. Zimba; You’re Drunk”? ?

      “Horrible” is putting it mildly. We are led to believe that the CC standards are “rigorous”, but for a child entering a STEM career or even a “selective” college — woefully inadequate, by this Common Core author’s own admission!

      This dumbing-down gets more grotesque as you peel back the layers… Our children in public school will never compete with the those of Bill Gates, or Obama — the Common Core will get nowhere near their children. The hope is, that they will grow up without more sense than to let hack billionaires “dabble” in running the lives of our children; our public school system. Money doesn’t equal expertise, and it also doesn’t come with authority.

      What children need and parents want? The Teaching profession. There is SOOOOO much money to be made by hedge fund managers peddling snake oil to supplant the expertise of professional educators and reduce them to script readers. “Pearson” “McGraw Hill” et. al. have already gotten fat from YOUR tax dollars. Publishers know that they can charge a premium for anything that touts “Common Core aligned” so they gouge YOU.

      You understand what you are up against? So much money to be sucked out of our schools, communities and even our state by wealthy investors. They can’t profit from what we all want; a great teacher, granted autonomy, respected… …and left the hell alone.

      I.F. Stone said, “Rich people march on Washington every day” ..and that goes for our State too, though the CC may be on the ballot next fall? I’ll look into that…. You CAN beat this thing, but you will have to be an engaged, well-informed, full-time citizen to do it. It’s been a learning process for me, here, and I’m always looking for more insight. So would you please share your ideas and your experience as you go?


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