Stakeholders in RSU 13 and Other Districts Must Guard the Future of Schools | Rethinking Education

holdinghands“…How RSU 13 handles their current troubles can serve as a model for other districts eager to move forward. Their top-down model of running schools belongs to a less complex, more naïve, previous era. The model for the 21st century is one where administrators, teachers, parents, and other taxpayers work in partnership to make decisions. Educational decisions in this century require far too complex an analysis to leave to just a few players. The public fiasco the taxpayers of RSU 13 are living with now should serve as a wake-up call to look deeply at how that district – and others – works. In the same way that it takes a village to raise a child, it takes the energy of district stakeholders to make sure their school districts are transparent in the way they go about safeguarding the future of the students in their care….”

Stakeholders in RSU 13 and Other Districts Must Guard the Future of Schools | Rethinking Education.

4 responses to “Stakeholders in RSU 13 and Other Districts Must Guard the Future of Schools | Rethinking Education

  1. That is a great article, good food for thought. I find it interesting that the thought for the new model is that more parents and teachers need to be involved. I don’t think that is Larry Malone’s heavy handed idea here in this school district. I think he wants to run things like he is the imperial ruler. However, I believe that when parents and teachers have more say in how our children are being educated, with less administrative meddling, our children will start to see a difference. I think a very important question to ask our illustrious Superintendent is why do you want to consolidate, and can he answer the question honestly. (This I doubt) A lack of transparency with the Superintendent and the school board causes a lot of mistrust and frustration within our school district. Anyone who thinks this all works well, should have kids in KMHS. I wonder if Larry Malone went to a school which was graded by 2/s until you meet the standard a 3 maybe a 4, when you have completed the class or subject matter. Did he have to pass in assignments on time? Anyway questions to ponder. Shame on the school board for not holding him accountable.


    • Kathreen Harrison’s blog is wonderful. This isn’t the first time I’ve reposted her work and surely won’t be the last.

      Even if I agreed with the Superintendent on matters of policy, I would still find his decidedly authoritarian style as off-putting as the hierarchical worldviews of others in positions of power here. ….and the Board’s sycophantic deference? …as bewildering as it is shameful. Do they seriously believe their role is to “fall in line”? If that’s the case, why have a Board at all? Likely reasons for this, include relying on the Superintendent’s office alone for educational expertise, and I have to wonder if they were misled by the Maine School Management Association a bit. Though I did peruse their handbook, and didn’t come away with the same idea. I don’t know… I do hold a very egalitarian view of the world to begin with, and can sort of see how someone with a different mindset would read the same text differently. Anyway, I am cautiously optimistic that the Board will own the responsibility not only for governing, but independently educating themselves on the issues at hand. People are all the more frustrated, because, frankly, they understand the issues of school consolidation, for one, better than those they are trying to influence.
      I’m afraid the Superintendent’s trust issues are probably irreparable. ..but if he doesn’t have it, he can’t misuse it can he?
      Every parent wants better for their child than what they themselves had, and the resignation that we must accept less for our children in the public sphere than what our own policymakers ….. …infuriating. And, make no mistake: I’m not talking about burdening taxpayers any more at all – quite the opposite. My vision for education involves spending education dollars more wisely. ..and that brings me to your point about the Common Core. It not only hurts kids, but taxpayers as well. I.F. Stone said that, “Rich people march on Washington every day” — they also march on Governor’s offices, and won’t stop until they have every penny of your child’s per-pupil allotment. Shame on the State for buying in.


  2. concernedparentalso

    You just hit it rate on the head. There is no clue at all under this
    man.I really get worked up when i think how much are kids are
    missing out. Hes not fooling allot of people that really no.
    Theres a old saying, YOU DONT GROW OLD TO BE NO FOOL


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