…a Pocket Paradigm…

...a Pocket Paradigm...


4 responses to “…a Pocket Paradigm…

  1. Consolidation=more cost=decline in education. More bureaucracy.


    • You are absolutely right. The research proves it. Funny how people so doggedly insist on believing their own assumptions and ignore reality. (Not funny in a “ha-ha” sort of way, of course.)


  2. It is easier to take a meeting than actually try to fix things!


    • Well, teaching isn’t easy (a couple of hours filling in as a Bible school teacher and I’m reaching for a cold one….:) Teaching has been called “..the toughest job everyone thinks they can do, and while they are treated with condescension and disdain, we put “bureaucrats” on a pedestal (How many times did we hear at school board meetings how “hard” administrators worked, and what a “heckofa job” they do? Of course they “work hard”! …. and we do have some good ones here, but by the way, so do teachers and they are the ones making it happen. I mentioned the idea of an AOS to a Board member last spring; one superintendent, but separate Boards and finances? “Gasp! ….but for a Superintendent that’s a …” … ‘a headache?’ I said — “I know.” But it would solve the problems of cost-shifting. When was the last time you heard a Board member carry on about how hard teachers work? …or worried about overworking them? Don’t hold your breath. This awe of business/management while we take actual educational expertise for granted is absurd, and probably explains why the rolls of management; people who never see a child, have grown even in the face of painful faculty cuts. ….not to mention asinine statements like, “Let’s run schools like a businesss!” (sigh and facepalm) Here is a link to “The Hardest Job Everyone Thinks They Can Do” Hope you like it!


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