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Many thanks to the Visions Committee for making meeting notes available….



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  1. Another reason we as parents need to stay involved in the Visions Committee meetings and process: During the first Visions Meeting, notes were being recorded on google doc by several people in attendance and it was assumed that everyone present would receive a copy of the notes via email. The notes were not shared. Emails were sent asking for copies of the notes. The notes were not shared. Emails were sent AGAIN asking for copies of the notes. THE NOTES WERE NOT SHARED. This was not an oversight, if so, we do not have very efficient people keeping track of meetings, etc. At the second meeting, a parent asked the facilitator, Craig Kesselheim of Great Schools Partnership if she could get a copy of the notes. He seemed confused that the notes had not already been shared and commented that they were recorded on google doc??????????? I guess we should be grateful that they are now posted? Where are the notes from the second meeting?????????????


    • Hello again! The notes from the second meeting were emailed today, and forwarded to “Timbered Classrooms” — just wanted to make sure you saw the link. Unfortunately, the link brings up an “access denied” message. I posted it anyway, and hope you have better luck. I am confident, we can get them….

      Thank you for your interest!


  2. Hi! That parent who asked for a copy of the notes was me; I wanted them, yes, but a fair number of people had approached me with the very concerns you articulate so well. I asked on behalf of them, too.

    Dr. Kesselheim graciously sent the notes via email on the spot, and did seem surprised they had not been released sooner, didn’t he? I should think it would be ill-advised to withhold them, but past is prologue, isn’t it?

    You are absolutely right that parents need to be involved — the whole community, really. It’s your school — own it. There is no higher authority than a citizen.

    I’m working on my own notes from the last Visions meeting, and would like your response to them. Stay tuned!


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