Curmudgucation: The Wrongest Sentence Ever in the CCSS Debate

blackboard“Businesses are the primary consumers of the output of our schools, so it’s a natural alliance

Curmudgucation: The Wrongest Sentence Ever in the CCSS Debate.

“If business and education represent a natural alliance, then maybe business could start acting like allies instead of ham-handed paternalistic patronizing bosses. Pick the business of anybody on the Gates Foundation board of directors. Pick any one. Now imagine me, a teacher, showing up at the CEO’s office and saying, “Hey, some of us at my high school formed a study group and we’ve come up with some recommendations about how your business should be run. And if you don’t want to listen to us, we’ll call up our friends in DC and make you listen to us.”

I can imagine lots of responses. None of them would be, “Hey, you must be my ally!”

I thank Mr. Golston for managing to crystallize so much of what’s wrong with the Gates-business crowd’s view of the entire education and Common Core situation. I would like to also point out that there is some paternalistic elitist BS in this as well, because we’re not talking about ALL education. This crowd will gain credibility with me the first time I pick up the paper and read about them marching into the main office of their child’s exclusive private school and saying, “I pay good money to you guys in tuition and endowments, and I want YOU to become a pilot program for my school reforms. We’re going to put all of these in place, here, where my child goes to school, so that I can show everybody else how great they will be.”

No, if a sentence like Golston’s turned up in the materials for an elite private school, the phone in that main office would be ringing, and it wouldn’t be to deliver congratulations. Nobody would let a sentence this wrong come anywhere near their own child.”

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