What’s YOUR Vision?

What's YOUR Vision?

The next meeting of the RSU 50 Vision Committee will be held Monday, Dec. 2nd at 5:30pm at Katahdin High School. The public is welcome!

Representatives are still needed for Sherman and Stacyville, and perhaps other communities in the RSU?

These decisions will shape not only the future of our children’s education, but our communities as well. Please contact your local town office to volunteer and ensure that the voice of your community; of each town in the district, is heard.

Thank you, and see you there!


2 responses to “What’s YOUR Vision?

  1. My vision is to get out of the RSU, drop the mind numbing stupidity of standards based grading, and the Common Core. What is going on at Katahdin and the disinterest from administration on listening to both kids and adults alike is appalling. Kids are smart, creative, unique individuals. They should been encouraged to work hard and think for themselves. God forbid if they disagree with the powers that be, they are treated poorly. Where is the discipline and hard work ethic that should be encouraged. Well if all you get is a 2 for a grade and you can take tests over, you just aren’t going to work that hard. They should be inspired and encouraged at school to work hard. They are not. Too much nit picking of these kids results in no respect for administration and certain teachers. Don’t expect these kids to follow your agenda, they will fight it, especially things they view as ridiculous We need some common sense.


    • Welcome! Our own children are very respectful, but at the same time, I have also taught them that people in authority are human, with all the frailties of the rest of us; can and should be questioned… I don’t know much about RSU 50 policy against students speaking their mind publicly, but it is a shame. ..a squandered opportunity for learning if ever there was one. Standards-based issues are compounded by the Common Core State Standards Initiative — developmentally inappropriate standards written by businesspeople rather than educators are damaging to children and, ultimately to the very test scores they seek to improve! I would encourage you to visit “Collapse the Core” on facebook. Parents and community members have more power than they know, and can take ownership of their schools to create the culture of excellence to which they aspire. (Many aspects of which, have nothing to do with money.) This administration was, sadly, hired to liquidate KMHS whether some board members are aware of it or not and, it is virtually impossible to simultaneously build it into a bastion of excellence, and persuade the community to close it. Parental involvement, toward child-centered goals are always worthwhile even if you lose a battle from time to time. Just as kids feel the negative effects of divestment, so do they feel cared for when their community advocates for them. Thank you for your interest!


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