You Asked For It!

111014_heirloom_apples_flying_fox_sm_-20301Questions and concerns surrounding the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI), Standards-Based Grading System, nearing fever pitch….  …. and, “Please post more about that”…   (OK — I can take a hint…   )

I was very sorry to miss the talk at KMHS on this very topic.  It couldn’t be helped, and I hope they will hold another.  It is an issue parents need to study, certainly.  In the meantime, look for more posts about this in the near term on our Facebook page as well as herein, and, please, join the discussion with your own thoughts and experiences.

You may have noticed, when you visited the page on EPS Funding, (“Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About EPS But Were Afraid To Ask”), a Common Core Widget to the right  of your screen — a concise and convenient reference, to be sure, but not exactly a “snap” to embed here (maybe if the computer would cooperate..! Ahem!)

Browse the widget, or download the app yourself here (then, maybe, tell me how on Earth you did it?). Anyway, this link is a good start…..

Welcome to the discussion!.


2 responses to “You Asked For It!

  1. concernedparentalso

    Here we go again, Another great idea. Send the senior class to Italy
    There learning spanish and french, lets send them to Italy. When are
    the parents going to take the time, to say ENOUGH and stand up and get these people OUT,OUT,OUT. They are running crazy.There
    out of control.


    • Well…. …at least the money is following the children for a change — even if it is to Italy. I actually like the idea of travel. It is such a rich, educational experience I don’t think I could oppose it.

      The money this Board has been spending may as well be on the moon, though, for all the good it does children. More layers of management, technology etc.

      You are absolutely right — people need to be citizens, here, and elections matter. If we learned anything from the budget vote, it is that people cannot dictate priorities of elected officials, and, even in the absence of an agenda, an RSU Board is less responsive than one concerned with one school.

      I wish I could have gone to the meeting. Those of us who usually take notes and post them were absent. Were you there? Are you interested in writing up your own reflections on the meeting for “Timbered Classrooms”?


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