“Humble” on the RSU Law…

“Lose your school. Lose your community. School administrative districts were no more than a scam and a few people have finally figured out that it would be nice to keep the control and the tax dollars in town.  Oh, it would also be nice to keep the kids in town.   But getting the control and the money back is the main thing. You will not get your schools back in town without a fight.  There’s too much money at stake.  And it’s fun to spend other people’s money.”

~Robert Karl Skoglund, “The Humble Farmer”




3 responses to ““Humble” on the RSU Law…

  1. AMEN!!!!!!!


    • …a truth we have to face. Not without a fight. But in this, like in all things, “many hands make light work”. The more people on our side, the easier it will be to keep control of schools, money and children.


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