“Cost-shifting threatens local education”

An insightful piece by Rep. Brian Hubbell about why local communities are so strained.


“No wonder local communities are frustrated and angry,  They are paying more than ever and their schools are still being forced to cut school programs.”




Add to this, the “cost-shifting” within the district; from the more powerful school to the one targeted for closure.  Taxpayers and children alike bear the brunt…..


4 responses to ““Cost-shifting threatens local education”

  1. Communities all over the state have become even more frustrated over the past 3 years as a result of being forced/threatened to join rsus. Many communities have withdrawn from the rsu and have found a more efficient way to educate their children! We just have to work together to make it happen in our community.


  2. As a current junior at Katahdin High School, I have got a LOT of negative feedback and opinions to share. Where is there to start? Why not at the beginning of this year. Last year I thought was my worst year of school, but I would do that three times over this year (the way it has been so far)
    1. Debi Marquis screwed up the schedule of nearly every student in my class. I was given three study halls and signed up to repeat some sophomore classes, as where many others. Bright huh? Well, let’s not forget that this year we can’t take hardly any of the classes we enjoy because they have been cut, and the ones that remain are not able to be taken due to have a math or english class during that block. There is also a student who has to change history classes to the Opposite Day half way through the year, so that he can have room to accommodate the need for his gym credit. Nice, huh?
    2. Well let’s see. The first week of school presented with about 2 familiar faces, and about 5 teachers whom no one had ever even heard of or had before. Every descent teacher but two left, and one of the ones that is staying is taking a job in Bangor next year. It’s like starting at a brand new school. Mrs. Lana Robinson is awesome to have back, but I can not speak for the other new staff members.
    3. “USSR” Or Uninterrupted Silent Sustained Reading time has been given for twenty minutes or more at the end of every day for everyone. Why are we reading twenty minutes? Oh probably because we got like what, an F in reading graded by the state? GET RID OF THIS TIME. Kids are getting dismissed from school every day by their parents to miss this, and those who stay hate this time and usually screw around on their iPads, text while the teacher reads, or gets a disrupted class. Following this is Cougar Time, which is nice to have for fourty minutes at the end of the day. However, if you are going to make a universal study hall, don’t decide what the students have to do. If we are going to read we will read. If we don’t want to read, we aren’t going to read regardless of whether we are “forced to” or not. You’re just making kids hate this school even more administration.
    4. How easy do you think it is to concentrate while a power company digs a “trench” ten feet from your classroom window with a backhoe while you are trying to take a test? Can we not find a better time for construction outside?
    5. Ipads had to have been the worst possible idea to give this school district. Teachers have even cracked their screens already. These are the worst tools for education. To heck with technology. Give us laptops back. That’s what we were use to, and that is what the school’s internet and classes are made to handle. IF you are going to give us iPads, at least show us how to use it and give us a keyboard so we don’t have to type on a touch screen. We CANT even print on these. We have to email to a teacher and wait for them to print a paper for us. And we can’t put our work on a pen drive. Let alone, it takes twice as long to do anything on an ipad compared to a laptop and is twice as stressful and irritating. Ipads suck and we all want our laptops back. A student survey conducted showed only 2 students out of more than 20 liked their ipads.
    6. How about get a few teachers that actually can see something positive in a student and not judge them because of who they are or who their family is? Our teachers are not being respectful and profressional like they should be, and our idiot of a superintendent sure isn’t either. Whether he knows it or not, he has made nearly every student envy him. I don’t know one fellow student who actually would trust Mr. Malone to coordinate the education of our school system. He is the biggest joke we have ever seen and we need to get rid of him, and our guidance counselor who can’t even get back to a student or be competent enough to give a student a schedule that is a perfect combination of needs and wants.
    7. Since Rae Bates left, this school has gone to he**. Eryn Schmidt can NOT, I REPEAT NOT, run a school. You can’t be a principal and try to be everyones best friend (students I mean) and give parents that attitude that you can fix any problem. We all know she is just one of those people who does anything Mr. Malone or administration wants her too. She is not fit to run this school, and although some of her measures have work, I see her as too young and inexperienced to be a principal. Why didn’t the school chose Dale Fiske when they had the chance? Maybe because they knew he would actually run the school the way it should have…..
    8. Do you know what it is like to hate going to school everyday and literally pray that the clock would get moving? Yeah it sucks and it never use to be this way
    9. We have no opportunities for upperclassmen. You can’t even fill a schedule anymore unless you take something you envy. STOP REMOVING COURSES WE LIKE. I know many kids who have to take art, guitar, band, chorus, or journalism just to have their six full blocks. There are no class opportunites.
    10. So far, I have had a sub in each class at least twice. It is not logical for the school to send half the teachers to a conference everyday and make us have 4 subs in a row ( yes I just had a full day with only subs.) It’s pathetic and it is the reason for which I am getting a lower grade than usual in one of my classes. It really is affecting our educations.

    Lastly, I would just like to point out that everything the school has tried to do this year to fix their problems have only dug the hole deeper. I am ashamed of saying I am a student of Katahdin High school, and I will not EVER let a future child of mine attend a school in this district. I am missng out on so many educational opportunities that I am concerned for how I can actually prepare myself for the future. Katahdin High School has become a serious joke. Ship us to Houlton if you are going to close our schools down, at least they have good teachers and an adequate program of studies…..


  3. Well said. You want a superintendent job. Hopefully they will listen to what you are saying. We need more kids to speak out.


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