Divorce? Not necessarily…. RSU & AOS compared.

According to our recent survey, 44 out of 49 respondants (with three abstentions) support the RSU Withdrawal initiative spearheaded by the communities of former MSAD #25.  A whopping 89.8%!

But to those who want our communities to remain connected?  Take heart!  21 out of 51 polled (41.2%) were open to re-connecting once the withdrawal process is complete by establishing an Alternative Organizational Structure, or AOS.  Certainly, as more people become aware of the opportunity therein, support will increase.

There would still be but one Superintendent; one set of administrative offices, so what’s the difference?  Separate Boards, budgets and governance.  A quick, side-by-side comparison is available here:


Our survey barely touched on the widely disparate views between the Southern Aroostook, and Katahdin areas of RSU 50, that have come to light, however anecdotally, in a very consistent way.  Bearing in mind, that we educate one child at a time;  we have no right to subjugate the interests of one community for another, or one generation of children for another or even one child for another.  One child is as important as 100, or 1000.  We have no right to shortchange the education of one for many…

The closer a child is, to those governing his education; the more representation any one child has… is not only more democratic, but also more efficient from an educational standpoint.  As children everywhere in the district benefit from this advantage, in towns large and small, the concept has the potential to provide, thusfar elusive, common ground with RSU supporters.

Inarguably, we have endured decisions by the RSU Board that would have been unthinkable for the governing body of the MSAD.  The RSU Board is further perceived as tone deaf to community aspirations when compared to its predecessor.

An AOS model may well have the potential to afford our struggling communities the advantages of sharing, and guard against the sort of harm, however unintended, that is driving the RSU withdrawal process in the first place.

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    Could the AOS option please everyone?


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