I hear you!

I hear you, and certainly understand your concerns about using Facebook; about privacy….. This blog is for you.  It’s only fitting then that this is the SECOND post on it.  The first was, actually, written by YOU.  Thank you to everyone — all 52 of you who answered our survey monkey.  …for your thoughtful answers and outpouring of civic mindedness.  Find out where your communities stand in the post entitled, “Your Views… A Compilation of our Ongoing Survey” https://atimberedchoir.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/your-views-a-compilation-of-our-ongoing-survey/ , and feel free to browse answers in their entirety.  Now, in the meantime, surveymonkey would have done up a series of eye-catching charts and graphs IF I had been willing to pay them.  Being frugal, of course, I opted to take a crack at it myself.  At-a-glance charts are at the top for those of you in a rush.  Either keep scrolling or visit the “Survey Results” tab at the top of the page when you have more time. Browse the many thoughtful comments, and don’t forget Question #10! — it’s a virtual “bluebook essay” Just follow the link :  https://atimberedchoir.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/your-views-a-compilation-of-our-ongoing-survey/

YOUR views matter! Thank you very much for weighing in.


Don’t forget Question 10!  It was an essay, not conducive to charting.  This is a snapshot for those of you in a rush.  When you have a moment, though, take a look at the comments in https://atimberedchoir.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/your-views-a-compilation-of-our-ongoing-survey/ .

One response to “I hear you!

  1. I wish we had had more responses from the Southern Aroostook side of the district. The response we received, from a student at SACS was very interesting, and responses reflected a vastly different view of the state of education in our wider community. I would love to know to whom more responses from the SACS side would align?

    So, to anyone reading this from SACS, please feel free to post your insights!


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